M43 Pz.Gren.Div.25 cap

A very nice Wehrmacht Heer M43 mütze in used but good condition.
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The overall condition of the cap is good. Its worn and has a nice 'been there' patina. Complete with insigina (replaced in our opinion). One small damage on the visor. Complete with both buttons and silk lining on the inside which is intact. The wear is visible on the lining. The 25. Panzer Grenadier Division insignia (symbol) has been stitched on the the side. 
The 25th. Panzer Grenadier Division participated in the Poland campaign and then fought in Russia where it almost got destroyed in 1944 around Minsk and what was left was send to the Western front where it fought under the command of the 107th Panzer Brigade during Operation Market Garden. After that I fought during the Ardennes campaign and finally surrendered in Germany to the Allies.
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branch Heer, Panzer
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